8 Amazing Uses of Shea Butter

Whether you like eating milk cream (malai) or not, you’ll love the effect it has on your skin. Milk cream or ‘malai’ is a rejuvenating agent and helps strengthen, protect and heal your skin. Women have been using it for centuries to soften their skin and get a natural glow. Here’s 8 ways in which you can use milk cream to get gorgeous, radiant skin.

1. Lighten the dark circles under your eyes by applying milk cream directly to your skin.

2. Soothe dry, flaky skin by treating it with a daily application of milk cream.

3. Mix milk cream with oatmeal and use this paste to exfoliate the skin on your face or body.

4. Get beautiful, soft skin by applying a mixture of milk cream and honey to your skin daily.

5. Mix milk cream with a pinch of saffron and apply it to your skin regularly to lighten dark spots or brighten your skin.

6. Condition your hair naturally by applying milk cream to the lengths of your hair and washing it off when dry.

7. Lighten and exfoliate tanned skin by applying a paste made with milk cream and gram flour (besan) to your skin daily.

8. Cleanse skin and remove dirt from clogged pores by gently wiping your face with a cotton ball dipped in milk cream.

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