Choosing the Right Kind of Honey for Skincare

The ancient Egyptians were well aware of the powerful healing properties of honey. They used honey for both medicinal purposes and to enhance their beauty. Today, we use honey for a wide range of purposes.

  • Its antibacterial and fungal properties work to treat infections.
  • It is a natural humectant and thus attracts and retains moisture within the skin.
  • It works as an antiseptic for the skin and helps treat acne.
  • Honey has an additional phytochemical antibacterial component that protects from skin damage.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated skin.

But it isn’t just any store-bought honey that will do the job. When you’re using honey in its natural form, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Always pick ‘raw’ honey
When it comes to skincare, raw honey is the best. It is filled with all the miraculous properties that work to heal and treat your skin, as opposed to pasteurized honey which loses its nutritional value when it is heated. Additionally, honey is also filtered to remove pollen and honeycomb. This filtered honey too loses a lot of its skin nourishing properties. Look for raw honey, which is thicker and will usually contain bits of honeycomb or bee pollen, which add to its value. Pasteurized honey will be comparatively smooth in appearance. So next time you’re out shopping for honey to use in skincare, make sure you look for words like ‘unpasteurized’, ‘raw’ and ‘unfiltered’ on the label.

Look out for a darker variety of honey
While there are many different kinds of honey available, it is usually the darker kind that is better for your skin. The Manuka honey is known to be one of the most powerful kinds of honey and is produced from the nectar of the flowers that grow on the Manuka plant in New Zealand. When buying Manuka honey, look for the UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) trademark and a 10+ or higher rating. However, this honey may not be readily available everywhere or may be more expensive. In that case, look for other kinds of dark raw honey.

Do you use honey in its natural form for skincare? What kind of honey do you usually buy? Leave us a comment below.


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