Creative Ideas on Decorating your Child’s Room

Children are curious, creative and full of fun. You need to build them a space where they can truly express themselves, a space where they can work, dream, eat, play, rest and have adventures. More importantly, a space where they can make memories that will last them a lifetime.
Here are some of our top ideas on how you can DOY up your child’s room to create a magical space.


  • Your walls can really help set the tone for your room. If you’re going for a soothing and relaxed look, paint your walls in soft pastel colours. Alternatively, you can add some drama by painting the wall behind your child’s bed in one solid colour or try three to four different colours in horizontal or vertical stripes.
  • Wall murals add character to a room. Incorporate elements from your child’s favourite hobbies/books/movies and create your own wall art. Or transform one of the smaller walls into a ‘Chalkboard wall’ and watch as the kids get super creative.
  • If your little one is a Junior Picasso, hang up his/her masterpieces on a clothing line that you can extend along one wall.
  • Here’s a project for you: enlarge your favourite photo of the kids, cut it out into even sections and then frame each section. When put up, it should look like a giant jigsaw puzzle.


  • Somehow, whatever you do, the kid’s room is always a mess! That’s why you need SIMPLE (and several) storage options to make sure cleaning up is easy. Here’s an important tip – before you begin, survey your space and try to use every opportunity available for storage.
  • Get your carpenter to fit drawers underneath your child’s bed that are big enough for bed linen, toys, books and anything else you might want to store.
  • A cosy window seat makes a great reading space for you and the kids. And you can use the space underneath the seat for MORE STORAGE.
  • Organise! Organise! Organise! Arrange your child’s things in see-through boxes so that you always know where everything is, or better still, label them.


  • It’s important to give the children a work station for homework, art, crafts and for simply getting their hands all messy. Create a tiny zone comprised of a small desk and chairs, in a bright corner of the room. Fit some shelves in the wall to house their books and art &craft material. Use letter blocks to spell “MY ZONE” on one shelf!


  • If you want a happy and well-behaved child, you need to make sure they get a good night’s sleep. While choosing a bed, make sure you maintain a balance between aesthetics and practicality.
  • Which child doesn’t love bunk beds? And for you, it’s a great way to save space if you have more than one child. Opt for a regular bunk bed or create a fun adventure zone with slides and ladders and you’ll never have a problem getting your child to sleep.
  • For your tiny little princess, hang flowing drapes at the head of the bed to give the room a delicate, dreamy look.


  • If your little girl loves to dance, we have an idea she will adore. Take her old ballet tutu and wrap it around the edge of a round side table or stool. Use double-sided tape or super glue to stick it on. Let her use this table for placing her jewellery box and other knick-knacks.
  • Buy some glow-in-the-dark paint from your local hobby store. Then, climb onto your tallest ladder and paint the moon and stars on your child’s bedroom ceiling. Finally, snuggle up with your kids at night and enjoy your beautiful glowing ceiling.
  • Here’s a quick way to add that quirky touch to the room. Pick out 4 of your child’s most colourful socks and dress the legs of their study chair with the socks.

Before you start, think through all your ideas and measure the room correctly to make sure everything fits right. We do hope you’ll try some of the ideas we’ve shared. If you have any more creative ideas, we’d love to hear them. Happy Decorating!


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