Summer Skincare

Summer is here, and we’re sure you’re packed and ready for that exciting family vacation. But, before you take off on your much-needed break, make sure that you are well-equipped to protect your lovely skin from the summer sun. Rising summer temperatures come with a whole lot of skin problems such as sunburn, pimples, dark spots, rashes and so on. In fact, you need to take extra care of your delicate skin during summer because the sun’s harsh UV rays can greatly damage your skin. Here are our top 10 tips on how to protect your skin this summer:

1. Slap on the sunscreen. Yes – we’re sure you’ve heard the ‘S’ word repeated too many times already, but we can’t emphasize just how important sunscreen is in protecting your skin from damage. Reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours and especially after sweating or contact with water. The sun’s rays are extremely powerful, so whether it’s a sunny day or not, it’s important to apply sunscreen through the year.

2. Skip the hot water bath and soothe your skin by taking a bath with luke-warm water, followed by a final rinse with cold water.

3. Too much cleansing can harm your skin. Stick to cleansing your face a couple of times every day, and exfoliating it just twice a week. If you feel sticky, simply rinse your face with cold water.

4. Stop clogging your pores with makeup. Keep the makeup minimal during summer or use light, mineral-based makeup. Show off your pure, natural skin instead.

5. Keep your hair off your face. Your scalp and hair tend to produce excess oil during the heat, which can also lead to acne. Tie your hair into a high ponytail or twist it into a stylish bun.

6. Exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of those dry, dead skin cells. Try a home-made scrub using natural ingredients to exfoliate.

7. Summer is the season to be stylish. So take out those wide hats and cute sunglasses and look cute, while protecting your skin at the same time.

8. Keep your skin well-hydrated. Don’t forget to moisturize. Try a natural oil-free moisturizer like Aloe Vera and don’t forget to drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water every day.

9. Eat right! It’ll show on your skin. Add foods like kale, spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots to your diet. Go for juicy fruits like watermelons, oranges and grapes and stock up on those fresh fruit juices.

10. Keep your pores closed with a natural toner such as rose water or Aloe Vera. This will help prevent accumulation of dirt.

Keep your skin healthy and glowing this summer. Stay tuned to Part II of Summer Skin-Care for more on how you can take care of your skin during the heat. Stay gorgeous!


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