The Summer Fun -List for Kids

It’s summer-time and we’re sure you have plenty of exciting activities lined up for your kids. But if you do run out of ideas on how to keep your little ones entertained, check out our list of the top 25 FUN things to do this summer.

1. Ride bicycles outside. Get one for yourself too. Why should the kids have all the fun?

2. Have a campout in your garden or on your veranda. Make your own tent with the kids and let them take their afternoon nap in it.

3. Organise a neighbourhood play. Get the kids and their friends to act and make their own costumes. Invite some people over to watch the grand performance.

4. Hold a ‘bring-your-own-doll or action figure’ party for the kids. Serve drinks and snacks and help them make up new games.

5. Take the kids to a pet store and let them choose their very own pet. If you can’t manage a bigger animal like a dog, get a fish bowl! The kids will be overjoyed.

6. Wash the car with the kids. Where there’s water, there’s bound to be fun.

7. Build a fort using old cardboard and blankets. Get inside, snuggle up and tell them a story.

8. Let them climb trees.

9. Wake up early and take the kids out for breakfast. Follow it up with a visit to the park.

10. Plan a movie night at home. Choose a movie everyone loves, put the sleeping bags on the floor and get cosy with your family. Don’t forget the popcorn.

11. Spend a day at the national park. Give the kids a camera and ask them to take pictures of anything they may find interesting.

12. Take them for a cultural event – a music performance, dance show or a play.

13. Catch a matinee show. The tickets are half the price and the kids will have double the fun in an almost empty theatre.

14. Go on a history tour. Take the kids to important monuments/ landmarks in your city and teach them about their history.

15. Get them a library card. Summer is the best time to catch up on some reading.

16. Stock up on crossword, Sudoku or any other puzzle books. The kids will enjoy an interesting challenge.

17. Pack a picnic basket and head to the beach. There’s no therapy like beach therapy.

18. Make puppets using old socks. Cut out the inside of an old cardboard box and hold a puppet show for the family.

19. Play dress up. Let the kids put on some of your old clothes and let them walk down the imaginary ramp in your living room.

20. Go star gazing. Teach the kids about constellations and help them point them out on a clear night.

21. Work on a big craft project through the summer. Make something practical that you can use around the house.

22. Hold a garage sale. Help the kids put together their old clothes, toys or anything else, and give the proceeds of the sale to charity.

23. Jam with the family. Give each of the children plastic musical instruments. Get a mike or the next best thing – a hairbrush. Turn on the music, and you have your very own band!

24. Plan a family hike. Let the children experience the magic of nature.

25. Make some homemade ice cream together. There’s something about making your own ice cream that makes it taste so much better.

And mostly, just enjoy every moment with your little ones. Have a memorable summer!


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