Unlock refreshingly real beauty for the refreshingly real you! The DOY HydraLock series of Glycerin Bathing Bars are designed for better, richer, longer-lasting moisturization, leaving your skin feeling ultra-hydrated, soft and utterly smooth.

Your skin is exposed to all kinds of daily damage causing it to lose its natural moisture and become dull, dry and lusterless. The DOY HydraLock series was designed to help bring back your skin’s natural moisture and protect it from damage.

DOY HydraLock contains a powerful blend of Glycerine, Vitamin E and Antioxidants that moisturize, protect and repair your skin like never before.

It’s time to restore your skin’s natural glow, one wash at a time.


Hydra Classic Soap

DOY Hydra Classic Soap

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Tropical Twist Hydra

DOY Hydralock Tropical Twist

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