Nature Actives

You radiate beauty and joy everywhere you go. Now, so will your skin.

Breathe new life into your skin with DOY’s Nature Actives Collection, crafted from pure & natural ingredients, for perfectly moisturized, clear and glowing skin!

We know that what goes ‘on’your body is as important as what goes ‘in’ your body. That’s why we created a range of products that offer the experience and benefits of pure, natural ingredients to help nurture and nourish your gentle beauty.


Doy - Soap For Pimples

DOY Aloe Natural Soap

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Honey Glow Soap

DOY Honey Glow Soap

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Doy - Milk Soap

DOY Hydrating Milk Soap

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Doy - Face Wash For Sensitive Skin

DOY Aloe Natural Facewash

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Doy - Natural Face Wash

DOY Honey Glow Facewash

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Doy - Fase wash for Dry Skin

DOY Neem Action Facewash

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